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Rise Development Academy

Begin a Transformative Journey to Success

Unleashing Success in 2024: Empower Your Vision, Achieve Your Goals

30th Dec'23 

6pm - 9pm

Fees - Rs. 99/-

Online on Zoom

Unlock an Exceptional Opportunity: Register for Just 99 INR! (Original Price: 9999 INR)


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The Challenge of Achieving Personal and Professional Growth

Many individuals struggle to align their aspirations with their reality, often facing hurdles in personal development and professional advancement.

Bridging the Gap Between Potential and Achievement

This gap can be overwhelming without the right strategies and guidance, making goals seem distant and unattainable.


Meet Sunil Parekh

Your Guide to Transformation

  • Subconscious Mind Strategist & Thought Transformation Expert.

  • Visionary Approach: Pioneering new paths in personal and professional success through subconscious mind strategy.

  • Empowerment Through Transformation: Has empowered countless individuals to reshape their destinies and achieve unprecedented goals.

  • Deep Understanding of the Subconscious: Expert in utilizing subconscious mind techniques to unlock potential and foster success beyond traditional affirmations.

  • His approach to Thought and Destiny: Integrates ancient wisdom to underscore the pivotal role of thoughts in shaping futures.

  • Beyond Conventional Practices: Offers transformative journeys delving into the core of mindset transformation, beyond basic techniques.

  • Holistic Impact: Strategies proven effective in various life aspects, facilitating comprehensive personal growth and professional achievements.

  • Impacting Various Spheres of Life: From personal growth to professional achievement, Sunil's strategies have enabled holistic development and success.


Key Benefits

Imagine stepping into the New Year with clarity, robust goals, and the resilience to overcome any challenge. Visualize a future where your personal and professional life is in complete harmony, driven by your empowered subconscious mind.

Take the Step Towards Your Aspirations

Embrace this moment to redefine your journey. Limited spots are available – register now to commence your transformative journey.


Embrace this opportunity to redefine your 2024 and beyond. Limited seats are available – register today to begin a journey of unprecedented personal growth and success.


Subconscious Alignment


Consistent Goal Focus


Experience Clarity

Subconscious Mind Power




Accelerated Achievement


Community Support

Workshop Modules:
A Comprehensive Journey


Vision & Goal Setting

Dive deep into the art of setting clear, ambitious, yet achievable goals for 2024. Learn to craft a vision that resonates with your true aspirations, providing a solid foundation for your journey ahead.



Overcoming Obstacles

Develop the resilience needed to face and navigate life’s challenges with grace and strength. Learn strategies that transform obstacles into opportunities, fostering a mindset of endurance and adaptability.



Accelerating Goal Achievement

Master advanced strategies that accelerate your path to goal realization. These techniques are crafted to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts, bringing you closer to your dreams faster.



Community & Networking

Become part of a supportive network of like-minded individuals. This module emphasizes shared learning and accountability, enriching your experience and expanding your professional and personal connections.



Lifelong Skills

Gain valuable skills that are not just applicable for the immediate future but for a lifetime. These skills will serve you in various aspects of life, ensuring long-term growth and adaptability.



Subconscious Mind Power

Unlock the hidden potential of your subconscious mind. Explore powerful techniques that allow you to harness this untapped resource, setting the stage for remarkable achievements in your personal and professional life.



Consistent Goal Adherence

Discover tools and methods designed to keep you focused and committed to your goals. This module ensures that your journey towards success is steady and uninterrupted, even in the face of distractions.



Personal Empowerment

Embark on a transformative journey of aligning your subconscious desires with your conscious goals. This alignment paves the way for profound personal growth and a heightened sense of empowerment.



Holistic Approach to Success

Embrace a comprehensive strategy that integrates mental, emotional, and strategic elements. This holistic approach ensures a balanced path to success, addressing all facets of your being.



Confidence and Self-Belief

Witness a significant boost in your self-confidence and belief in your capabilities. This module focuses on real, tangible improvements, providing a solid foundation for continued success and self-assuredness.


Special Limited-Time Offer

Unlock this transformative journey at an exclusive price and gain access to a suite of empowering bonuses worth over 25,000 INR!

Register Now for Just 99 INR! (Originally 9999 INR)

Special Registration Bonuses

Elevate Your Journey to Success

3  Exclusive Ebooks

"5 Morning Practices for Success and Happiness"


Start your day with proven practices that set the tone for success and joy.

"7 Money Beliefs That Sabotage Your Money Success"


 Identify and transform limiting beliefs about money for financial empowerment.

"6 Step Formula for Goal Achievement" 


A strategic guide to setting and achieving your goals with precision and clarity.

Essential Tools for Progress

"Wheel of Life Tool" for Self-Assessment" 


Evaluate and understand the key areas of your life that require attention and growth.

"Progress Review Tool for 2023"


Track your development and milestones throughout the year for continuous improvement.

The Power Nap Tool

Master the art of quick rejuvenation. Learn to gain the equivalent rest of 2 hours in just 10 minutes, enhancing your focus and productivity.

Next Day Session at NO COST : Theta Healing: Enhance Your Goal Manifestation

Experience the transformative power of Theta Healing. This focused meditation process is designed to bring you into the Theta state of mind, deepening the impact of your goal-setting learnings. By accessing this profound level of the subconscious, Theta Healing ensures the manifestation of your set goals, aligning your innermost aspirations with your external reality. Embrace this path to heightened awareness and accelerated goal achievement.


Begin a Transformative Journey to Success

Unleashing Success in 2024: Empower Your Vision, Achieve Your Goals

30th Dec'23 

6pm - 9pm

Fees - Rs. 99/-

Online on Zoom

Don't miss this chance to redefine your path to success and fulfillment. Limited seats available – secure your spot now and start your journey of transformation and personal growth.


Mohnish Patil, Software Company Owner

"This workshop elevated my earnings from 50K to 7 figures per month."


Elevate Your Potential Beyond Limits

2024 : Unleash Your Success

30th Dec'23 

6pm - 9pm

Fees - Rs. 99/-

Online on Zoom

Stay laser focused on your Goals

Master the art of goal setting

Accelerate Goal achievement

Laptop Work


How will I join the sessions ?

Once you register, you will re-directed to join our Exclusive WhatsApp group on the confirmation page. Please join the group using that link. You will be receiving all the joining details on this group.

I'm in a different country / time zone. Will the recordings be provided?

No, we will not be providing recordings for this workshop. We request you to register and join only if it is possible for you to watch the session at 6 PM (IST)

On which platform will the workshop be held?

This workshop will be conducted on Zoom. The joining link will be provided to you on our WhatsApp Group.

What are the fees of the workshop?

The charges for this workshop are Rs. 999/- (incl. of GST)

How do I join the WhatsApp group for more details?

Once you register, you will be re-directed to a confirmation page with a link to our WhatsApp group. All the joining details will be provided on this group.


Elevate Your Potential Beyond Limits

2024 : Unleash Your Success

30th Dec'23 

6pm - 9pm

Fees - Rs. 99/-

Online on Zoom

Stay laser focused on your Goals

Master the art of goal setting

Accelerate Goal achievement

Start Your Transformation :

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Date : 30th Dec'23 | Time : 6pm - 9pm

Fees : Rs.2999/-   Rs. 99/-

Upon enrollment, you'll be directed to a confirmation page featuring a WhatsApp group link. Join the group to receive workshop details.

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