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Mind Power Unlimited
Change your thoughts Change Your World

Change your thoughts, Change your world

​सोच बद्लो दुनिया बद्लो

Change your Thoughts, Change your World

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

Tired of 'I Can't'?
Discover the Transformative Power of Your Thoughts with Sunil Parekh


Reimagine Your Reality:
Craft Your Future with
Thought Transformation Techniques

"Your greatest ally is your mind. Let's unlock its full potential together." - Sunil Parekh

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Dear Friend, Ready for Change?

Have you ever felt stuck in a circle of doubt, wondering

"What if I'm not good enough?" or "What if I fail?"

You're not alone.

These are not just momentary thoughts; they're barriers.

Sunil Parekh, a master in breaking down these blocks through thought transformation, welcomes you to a life-changing experience.


With an investment of just ₹ 199/- ₹ 1999/-, this workshop isn't just an event; it's the doorway to a life where you're in control.

From Doubt to Destiny:
Craft the Mind for Success


Meet Your Guide : Sunil Parekh

Sunil believes that the key to unlocking your fullest potential lies within your mind.

His transformation from a seeker to a thought transformation Guru has touched lacs of lives worldwide.

Sunil's approach goes beyond mere positive thinking—it's about fundamentally changing how you perceive and interact with the world.

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Sunil Parekh

Can you relate to these limiting beliefs?
Do these thoughts sound familiar?

limiting beliefs and solutions

You already have the power for limitless growth. 
Let's work together to unleash it.

How does this workshop help to remove limiting beliefs?

Time Crunch


I don’t have time

Shows you how to find and use time for your growth.

Find your love


I don’t deserve love

Helps you see your worth and attract the love you deserve.

Fear of Rejection


I am scared of rejection

Teaches you how to face fears and open up to new opportunities

Finance struggles


I am just not good with money

Teaches smart money habits for lasting security and abundance.


Your Blueprint for a Vibrant Life

Beat Negative Thoughts : 

Challenge those inner voices telling you "I can't" and make "I will" your mantra.

Limiting Beliefs

Think for Success:

Train your mind to focus on opportunities to take your life to the next level.

Positive Thoughts

Power of Mindfulnes:

Stay focused and calm, no matter what life throws your way.

Mindfulness and visualization

Enjoy the Freebies You Are Entitled With This Workshop

Get access to powerful Freebies worth ₹10000/- with this Workshop

1) 4 Mind Tools (Audios) : Worth ₹8000/- 


Our specially crafted Power Nap audio guides you to a state of rejuvenation in just 10 minutes, giving you the feeling of having completed 2 hours of sleep.

Enhance productivity, creativity, and mental well-being with this essential mind tool. Unlock your full potential today.

PRICE : ₹2000/-

Power Nap audio tool


Discover tranquility with the Relaxation audio, crafted from 30 years of research. Immerse in serene melodies and guided meditation for deep relaxation.

Experience inner peace and holistic well-being in minutes. Begin your journey to serenity today.

PRICE : ₹2000/-

Relaxation audito


Prayer of Mind is to program your positivity. These powerful prayers for peace of mind, comfort, and understanding will help you to find that clarity.

Life can get tough, but you can recite prayers to strengthen your emotional and spiritual state against vulnerabilities and temptations.

PRICE : ₹2000/-

Prayer of mind audio


Every successful person has a Daily Ritual. This audio has been designed with effective techniques, guiding you through a powerful morning Ritual. Practice this everyday & see the change.

Establish a productive, Empowering Daily Ritual for Success. 

PRICE : ₹2000/-

Daily rituals audio

2) Unlock this E-Book worth ₹2000/-

Transform your thoughts and unlock your Subconscious Mind using these  5 Key Strategies 


Real Stories of Change



Fancy Balraj

Transformed My Financial Stress


"Fancy Balraj here, witnessing firsthand how Sunil Sir's guidance transformed my approach to life and finances. His expertise in changing thoughts provided the tools I needed to tackle my limiting beliefs, encouraging significant life decisions. His teachings have been invaluable, guiding me towards a path of clarity and purpose."

Fancy Balraj

From Debt to Wealth Miraculously


"Under Sunil Sir's guidance, I turned my life from being 25 lakhs in debt to earning crores in just 2.5 years. Despite following every ritual and feeling stuck for 1.5 years without visible results A shift in direction, as inspired by Sunil Sir, led to the life I'd dreamed of manifesting magically.

His teachings not only promise success but ensure a balanced life filled with happiness, health, and prosperity. Learning to live life by design and not by default has been the greatest lesson from Sunil Sir."

Dr Mahalakshmi

Dr. Mahalaxmi
Shreya Maheshwari

A Life-Changing Yes!


"Reluctantly joining Sunil Sir's 'Mind Power Unlimited' transformed my life. From an unclear engineering student to topping my class and studying in Paris, his guidance was pivotal. His techniques enabled me to manifest my dreams, including frequent mountain treks. Grateful for every session that led to this holistic growth."

Shreya Maheshwari

Dreams to Reality

"After the 'Mind Power Unlimited' workshop in 2019, my life transformed. Sunil Sir's techniques boosted my earnings and got me my dream car, a farmhouse, and even international travel. His simple yet effective teaching turned my dreams into reality, one goal at a time. Forever grateful for this life-changing journey."

Mohnish Patil

Mohnish Patil
Rajan Kotian

Strength Unleashed, Success Achieved!

"Since the mind power workshop in 2013, I've launched a successful business and clinched 3 state chess championships, thanks to the belief in my own strength that Sunil Sir instilled. My brother, also inspired, won national karate medals. Grateful for the courage and clarity gained from the workshop to pursue our dreams."

Rajan Kotian

Transform your Thoughts

Reimagine Your Reality: Craft Your Future with Thought Transformation Techniques by Sunil Parekh

30th April'24 | 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Fees (Inclusive of GST)

Original - ₹ 1,999/-  ₹ 199/-



get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone:

This workshop encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and thrive.

Financial Abundance

Financial Abundance:

Changes your mindset to one of abundance, opening doors to wealth

Transform your Thoughts

Reimagine Your Reality: Craft Your Future with Thought Transformation Techniques by Sunil Parekh

30th April'24 | 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Fees (Inclusive of GST)


Original - ₹ 1,999/-  ₹ 199/-

  • What is the Time commitment?
    2 hours with us can unlock insights and techniques for a lifetime of benefits.
  • Why Sunil Parekh?
    Sunil's unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science offers practical, sustainable strategies for deep, lasting transformation.
  • What will I achieve?
    Break free from limiting beliefs, embrace positive thought patterns, and apply these insights for vibrant health, harmonious relationships, and abundant prosperity.
  • Is this for beginners?
    Absolutely! Whether you're new to personal development or looking to deepen your journey, this workshop offers valuable insights for all.
  • Will I get support after the workshop?
    Join our community for ongoing support, direct access to resources, and follow-up sessions with Sunil.
  • How can I use this professionally?
    These techniques are invaluable in fostering a growth mindset, essential for career advancement and professional success.
  • What is the refund policy?
    We're committed to your satisfaction. Not satisfied? We offer a straightforward refund.
  • How do I enroll?
    Click "Join Now", follow the simple sign-up, and you're on your way. Immediate access to workshop materials and our community awaits.
  • What are the freebies included with the workshop?
    Participants will receive 8 motivational audio sessions and 4 additional audios (Mentioned on above) focusing on Relaxation, Productivity and Personal Empowerment.
  • What topics are covered in the workshop?
    Key topics include unlocking inner power, achieving dreams, enhancing relationships, stress management, and practical tools for ongoing personal growth.
  • How can I ensure I receive future updates and workshop details?
    Please provide your correct email address and WhatsApp number during registration to stay updated on future workshops and community events through our Exclusive WhatsApp Group and Social media community.
  • Are there any prerequisites for attending?
    No prerequisites are required. An open mind and the willingness to explore new perspectives on personal growth are all you need.
  • What should I do if I have more questions?
    For any additional queries, please contact us at 9619393748. Our team is ready to assist you.
  • What is 'Mind Power Unlimited' about?
    'Mind Power Unlimited' is a transformative workshop focused on unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind. It helps you create a no-limits growth Mindset, while breaking boundaries & becoming Unstoppable, combining practical strategies with insightful exercises to empower personal and professional growth.
  • Is the workshop accessible to everyone?
    Yes, we are committed to inclusivity and accessibility. Wheelchairs are available at the venue.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
    Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for participants who are not satisfied with the workshop after applying all the learnings.
  • What makes this Workshop unique?
    This workshop stands out due to Sunil Parekh’s expert guidance, combining scientific methods with spiritual insights. The practical exercises, real-life success stories, and a comprehensive approach to harnessing the power of the subconscious mind make it unique.
  • How can I register for the workshop?
    You can register for the Online / Offline workshop by clicking on the Register button below. Fill out the necessary details and complete the registration process.
  • Where will the Workshop be conducted?
    For Online Participants, it will be conducted on Zoom. For Offline Participants, it will be conducted at Hotel Lemon Tree, Andheri (E)
  • Who should attend this Workshop?
    Anyone interested in personal development, enhancing decision-making, building stronger relationships, and achieving their goals. It's suitable for students, professionals, and individuals seeking a positive change in their lives.
  • How long is the workshop and what’s the schedule?
    Dates : 3rd and 4th February (Saturday and Sunday) Time : Morning 8:00am to 8:00pm Inclusions (for Offline Participants) : Breakfast (30 mins), 2 Tea Breaks (15 mins each), Lunch Break (45 mins)
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Ready to change your life? This is your chance.

Don't let doubt decide your future. Join Sunil Parekh and start today for only ₹ 199/-  1999/- 

Choose change, choose growth.


The journey starts now!

Transform your Thoughts

Reimagine Your Reality: Craft Your Future with Thought Transformation Techniques by Sunil Parekh

30th April'24 | 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Fees (Inclusive of GST)


Original - ₹ 1,999/-  ₹ 199/-

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