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How to Set and Achieve Goals

How to Set and Achieve Goals Workshop Objective of the workshop: In this workshop, Sunil Parekh, India`s leading Success Coach and Subconscious mind expert will help you understand the following: 1) Why Clarity of what you want in your life is very important 2) How to become clear about what you want 3) How to write a Vision statement for your life 4) The Art and Science of Goal-setting 5) How to create mind tools such as a Goal Book, and a Vision Board to focus on your goals 6) How to make effective use of the mind tools to accelerate your Goal Achievement A synopsis of the workshop: Let me run you through a scenario! Have you ever experienced this? You feel really motivated and you set goals for yourself in personal and professional areas of your life. You feel driven, motivated, and pumped about achieving your goals! BUT, as you progress through the day of your life, unexpected circumstances arise, deadlines creep up, and you gradually drift off your path of achieving goals. Before you even realize or know about what is happening, you are stuck amidst managing various responsibilities and the uncertainties that come with it. Thereafter, days, weeks, and months pass by and you get into this bout of energy and motivation again to create and achieve goals. And this cycle of taking one step forward and two steps backward goes on.  Do you or did you ever wonder why this happens? Let me help you shed some light on this situation.  Creating and setting goals for yourself is important to start the process, but following through is very much "necessary" to successfully complete the process. And a few things are inevitable in the process of goal setting and achievement, i.e. obstacles and uncertainties. And guess what, we were never taught to deal with the obstacles as much as we were taught to set goals.



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