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Chakra Healing Workshop

CHAKRA HEALING WORKSHOP Greetings from Team Rise!  We are very happy to announce our next workshop on Chakra Healing, Online. Chakras are energetic points, which run from the base of the spine up through the crown of the head. These energetic points are located in the subtle body and allow for the life force or energy to run through the main energy channel through the spine. When energy becomes stagnant in one or more of these energetic points, we are prone to experience emotional congestion fuelled by fear, lack of self-love, and limiting beliefs, – hence opening ourselves to physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. When our chakras are vibrant and open we are abundantly rich in the vital life force (prana). Also, we feel inspired, energized, grounded, grateful, intuitive, loving, kind, and connected to the source. In the current pandemic times, it is very important to maintain good health and wellbeing. Good health leads to high immunity which in turn helps us to deal with the current situation.. What will be covered in this workshop? 1. Introduction to Chakras & their importance of well-being 2. All chakras explained in detail 3. Heal and balance your chakras through Psycho Neurobics, Frequency healing and Meditations. 4. We will teach you simple tools to keep your Chakras balanced. How will Chakra healing & balancing help? 1. Release stuck energies which imbalance your Chakras 2. Work on negative emotions & actions related to Chakras 3. Understand physical ailments related to Chakras 4. Break bad habits & negative thought patterns 5. Create a new Healthy, Happy Lifestyle 6. Find the New You and Live the New You! What you will experience? 1. Interactive sessions on Chakra Healing 2. Basic Balancing Techniques for each Chakra 3. Sound meditation audio for each Chakra 4. Better understanding of chakras and yourself 5. Positive shift in Energy!



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